Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Savannah & Tybee Island GA Saturday

One of the other must do's on my list was to visit the Bonaventure Cemetery to see the Bird Girl statue. This is the statue made famous by the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Unbeknownst to me, and I'm sure I was the last to know, the statue had been removed from Bonaventure and placed in the Telfair Museum. I have to admit, I'm not a huge museum fan. I've been to plenty of museums but given the choice I'd rather do something else. But, if I wanted to see the Bird Girl in person that was the only way. We walked over to the museum and took the tour. It was fine, a nice exhibit of watercolors, some examples of living in a bygone era. I recommend checking out what passed for a kitchen then. Very eye opening. Finally, after our stroll through the exhibits we came to the statue I had come to see. It was lovely and all that I expected. I can't say that I wasn't more than a little bit disappointed to have to view it this way. I was looking forward to getting a picture with the Bird Girl but of course, in this setting, that wasn't allowed. Too bad. I hope that someday she moves back to her original home and I get another chance.

Later that afternoon we headed out of town towards the beach. On the way we stopped and had lunch at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House. I'm really glad we did. Uncle Bubba's, part of the Paula Deen restaurant family, was a great surprise. A big place located in a picturesque marsh setting with outdoor and indoor seating and a large bar. I had some of the best Key Lime pie there that I've ever had. The rest of the food was good too. After lunch we headed a bit further down the road towards the beach and found ourselves in Tybee Island.

Tybee Island was everything I expect in a beach community, colorful, fun, inviting. A very nice beach with a huge pavilion. There was music and laugher, people sunning and playing on the beach. Just great. We walked out onto the fishing pier, watched the ocean and a few surfers catching what waves there were. All the while I was wondering when I could get back out this way and spend sometime vacationing here. Hopefully I get the chance soon.

Back to Savannah and another stroll through the City Market. Pizza and beers at Vinnie Van Go-Go's and dessert at another restaurant along the market. A nice ending to a lovely day.

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