Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Savannah GA

Savannah GA - Friday evening/Saturday morning

Savannah is a beautiful city filled with history and southern charm. It's a genteel city with a storied past and a long list of colorful characters that have and continue to inhabit it. 
This was my first trip to Savannah and there were a few things on my "must do" list. First on the list was a visit to Paula Deen's Lady & Sons. After dropping our bags at the hotel that was the first thing we set out to do. We were able to get immediate seating and off we went.
The restaurant is in a multi-storied building with lots of dining spaces. We sat in the third floor dining area (accessible by elevator) adjacent to the bar. 
We were greeted promptly by our server, drink orders taken and menus dropped off. Not long after we were treated to some delicious Hoe Cakes and Cheddar Biscuits, a Lady & Sons tradition. I enjoyed my experience at The Lady & Sons. If you're any kind of Paula, Jamie & Bobby Deen fan put it on your must do list. You won't be sorry you did.
We stayed in a contemporary hotel set in a historic building in Savannah's Historic District. The location was perfect for walking to all of the nearby sites.

The following morning we made our way to River Street. This is Savannah's River Walk area. Lots of touristy shops, bars and restaurants. Perfect for exploring on a leisurely walk. I was interested in see the Waving Girl statue that is located in a spot along the river so we headed that way. *
There were several informative markers along the walk as well as a WWII monument. The monument is shaped like a globe and is engraved with the names of local veterans. It is also surrounded by a brick walk. Each brick in the walk is also inscribed with a name for remembrance. 

Walking back to the hotel we passed through the City Market. The market is a pedestrian friendly area lined with art galleries, shops and restaurants. There was live music being preformed and the whole affect was very nice. Later in the evening we came back and grabbed a bite to eat and a beer at Vinne Van Go-Go's pizza. Nice spot to sit for a bit and good for people watching. I did notice that several of the area restaurants had pet friendly patios. Something to consider when traveling with Fido. I enjoyed seeing all of the four-legged guest enjoying the festivities. 

* Florence Martus aka "the Waving Girl", took it upon herself to be the unofficial greeter of all ships that entered and left the Port of Savannah, Georgia, between 1887 and 1931. From her rustic home on Elba Island, a tiny piece of land in the Savannah River near the Atlantic Ocean, Martus would wave a handkerchief by day and a lantern by night. According to legend, not a ship was missed in her forty-four years on watch. A statue of Martus by the sculptor Felix de Weldon has been erected in Morrell Park on the historic riverfront of Savannah. [From Wikipedia]

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