Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Rotisserie Shop - Kennesaw, Georgia

I've been keeping a list of restaurants that I want to try so when the Dining Companion asks what I want to do for lunch I have some ideas. Some of the places on the list made it there because of one dish on their menu. The Rotisserie Shop is one of those places.

Specials menu and featured desserts

The interior has a homey, rustic vibe. One that carries through in the original art work displayed in the space. I believe the artist is Jeanie Tomanek. I loved the art. Loved.

Now to the good and not so good parts of lunch and the reason this place made my list.

One not so good thing was the service. It was way too intrusive. I get that everyone is different and some customers like very high-touch. I'm just not one of them. Very kind but trying way too hard. 

Another little bump was timing out of the kitchen. We ordered an appetizer (really the whole reason I was there) and a little later ordered our entrees. We were just starting on our appetizer when the entrees hit the table. Better timing by the kitchen is definitely in order.

Now the good stuff, the food, and the reason I was there. The Pork Poutine starter. Poutine is a French Canadian dish that got its start in Quebec. It consists of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. I've seen different versions of this dish on menus lately but the one at The Rotisserie Shop had the ring of authenticity and I just had to try it. (Yes, I know that roasted pork is not authentic to poutine. It sure was good though!)
Pork Poutine - hand cut fries, pulled pork, cheese curds and rotisserie gravy
Our untimely entrees were good as well. I had the Rotisserie Chicken Club with a side of the days special Brunswick Stew.
Rotisserie Chicken Club and Brunswick Stew
The Dining Companion had the Rotisserie Chicken with a side of Jalapeno Cole Slaw.

Rotisserie Chicken with Jalapeno Cole Slaw
I tasted the jalapeno cole slaw and immediately started planning a way to swipe it. I did manage to kind of trade the Dining Companion my Brunswick stew for his cole slaw so I didn't need to outright steal it. All of the food that we ordered was tasty and well prepared. However, the jalapeno cole slaw and the poutine is what will get me back in the door.

The Rotisserie Shop is a good, local, non chain option serving thoughtfully prepared, locally sourced food. If you're ever in the northwest Atlanta area in need of a good lunch spot you'd do well to give these guys a try.

Happy dining! 

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