Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant - Marietta, Georgia

Image from Bay Breeze website
Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant is one of the places the Dining Companion and I visited the last time we were in the Atlanta area.

Bay Breeze is a local place that, while not fancy, offers good food at reasonable prices.

Image from Bay Breeze website
Image from Bay Breeze website
We started with grilled jumbo shrimp. 

Then moved on to entrees.

Jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab stuffing
My favorite side is shown wrapped in foil above. It's a perfectly baked sweet potato. I love sweet potatoes and I'm always happy to see them on a menu.

We also ordered a mixed seafood platter. There was fish, clams, oysters and a couple of other items. I'm definitely a fried seafood fan. For those that aren't there are broiled platters available too.
Fried seafood platter - and no, those round things are not onion rings, they're hush puppies
There are plenty of options available for the non-seafood eaters in the party. Bay Breeze offers chicken, steak, burgers and a few other landlubber options.

There are daily dessert specials as well. The day we were there we had the chocolate cake.

The tipped over but still delicious chocolate cake
No matter where our travels take us we find it's a good idea to look past the chains and seek out something local. It usually works out. There's been a clinker or two over the years surely. But when that strategy pays off we end up at a place like Bay Breeze. Good food, friendly service and only available while we're local. 

Happy dining!

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  1. Local restaurants are often the best choices. Usually these establishments are owner run and managed. The owners really care about the diner's experience and provide exceptional food and service. The food is fresher and more likely to be prepared in the restaurant than when you eat at the chain restaurants. This can be healthier and more delicious for the diner.

    Felicia Curtis @ Amelias Balboa Island