Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nancy's Pizza - Atlanta (Buckhead), Georgia

My dining companion is a fan of Chicago deep dish pizza. I like it too but I prefer Sicilian style pizza. Neither style is easy to find. Many places will say that they make one style of pizza or the other but most of the time the claims are unfounded. So it was with a healthy dose of skepticism that we headed to Nancy's Pizza recently. There are two locations in Atlanta, the only outposts of this chain located outside of Illinois. That in itself seemed promising.

Nancy's keeps track of the time locally and in its home base of Chicago

Nancy's is located in a strip mall in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. The space is pleasant enough. Several tables fill a space that is dominated on one side by a large projection TV screen and a bar on the other.

Orders are placed at the counter and brought to your table by a server, typical fast casual dining. We each ordered a personal sized pizza, about 6",  grabbed our table marker and headed off to wait for our pizza. And wait we did, which to me, in this case, means that the pizza was being baked to order and not just warmed up in an oven. I took this as a good sign.

The pizza was well worth the wait. The crust was crisp and flavorful, stuffed full of delicious ingredients and authentic to the Chicago style.

Having been disappointed by what was passed off as Chicago deep dish pizza in the past, it was a treat to be served the real deal. If Chicago style deep dish pizza is your thing and you find yourself in the Atlanta area, pay a visit to Nancy's Pizza. It's good pizza and represents this Chicago mainstay in fine fashion.

Happy travels!

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