Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Schilo's Deli - San Antonio, Texas

Schilo's Deli has long been a San Antonio institution. We've eaten there many times over the years. This year I decided to try and capture some of the feeling of the place.

Schilo's is a German deli and has been serving San Antonio authentic German food since 1917.

As you walk in there is a long deli case along one side of the room.

 Schilo's is a popular lunch spot and serves sandwiches and salads along with that wonderful pea soup.

The interior seemingly hasn't changed in years. Note the old phone booth and the pew style booths. 

The whole thing is topped off with a tin ceiling.

We were at Schilo's for breakfast but got lucky and their wonderful Pea Soup was ready to go. I got a cup of it to go with my breakfast of potato pancakes and applesauce.

Potato pancakes with applesauce. (There's sour cream too) So good!

Pea Soup

More traditional breakfast are also on the menu. Get the rye toast, it's great.

Schilo's is located away from the River Walk but is well worth the short walk to get there. When you find yourself in San Antonio, and you should because it's awesome, make your way to Schilo's. Take a seat, order whatever strikes your fancy but whatever you do, have the pea soup, you'll thank me.

Happy travels!

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