Tuesday, January 22, 2013

La Gloria at The Pearl Brewery - San Antonio, TX

 As some of you may recall we took a water taxi ride on our most recent visit to San Antonio. That trip brought us to the site of the old Pearl Brewery.

The Pearl Brewery is now a dining and entertainment complex located along the expanded River North area of the River Walk. There are several restaurants, a cooking school and retail shops located in the complex. While we were there we had lunch at La Gloria.

La Gloria specializes in Mexican street food. The interior is a nice bright open space that can be opened to the outdoors with several overhead doors. The menu features the foods you would expect, tacos, tortas, tamales. We ended up ordering the tacos al pastor, the tamale of the day, which was pork, and something called a panuchos. The panuchos is very similar to a gordita.

Cochinita Pibil Panuchos (marinated pork)

Tacos Al Pastor

Marinated Pork Tamale

To finish everything off we had a big slice of Tres Leches cake. Truly one of my very favorite cakes ever.

Tres Leches Cake

We spent a little time walking around the grounds of the brewery. This artwork is located near the entrance to La Gloria.

 We enjoyed our lunch at La Gloria. The tres leches cake was the clear winner for me. There was plenty at the Pearl Brewery complex to bring me back for a return visit. But let's face it, the chance to take the ride through the lock and dam again is the real reason I'll be back.

Happy Travels!

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