Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crawfish Shack Seafood, Atlanta, GA (Buford Highway)

Guest post by The Dining Companion

Forgive me reader for I have sinned. Okay, I admit it, I ate at a place highlighted on an Anthony Bourdain program. I must also admit that this is not my first time. My first conscious experimentation was the whole pig roasts in the hills of Puerto Rico. This experiment was Crawfish Shack Seafood in Atlanta.

First off I will say my feelings for Anthony Bourdain’s food picks are hit or miss. I am NOT a fan of his ‘chef driven’, ‘tail to snoot’, ‘eat the nasty bits’ pretentious plate experiences. However, I do pay attention when he is visiting a street style vendor. In the end, I’m more likely to be a fan of an Adam Richman recommended place.

Now, I have always been up for seafood boil. Ever since my first mediocre experience with them at Joe’s Crap Shack in Iowa. I have had the regional variations, from the backyard one at my in-laws in the Northeast (enjoyed it greatly), to the Georgia version and the Cajun version. Which brings me to the Crawfish Shack a chance to revisit the Cajun version.

I ordered the boiled shrimp with the boiled potatoes. What I received was pure heaven in a bowl (HappiTraveler’s fried shrimp paled in comparison, but was good from my sampling). The level of spice in the shrimp was intense. HappiTraveler sampled the boiled shrimp and assured me the flavor that I was tasting was at Cajun level. The potatoes were a great addition, not a boring side. The only thing I say I missed was sausage in the boil. I could have sampled the corn, but I took a pass. In fact, the boil was so good, I ordered a second helping. Now, the seasoning level in the second order wasn’t up to the level in the first, but good. I will have to remember to make mention of this WHEN I next have this.

I believe they also have beignets on certain days, which we ordered, but I took a pass on trying. I also saw several other items that I recalled seeing (food wise) when I was in New Orleans, including the po'boys. I will say, that between this visit, and Mr. Bourdain’s show on New Orleans, I will be making a journey back to New Orleans for the boil and the po'boys (and give the ‘Hurricane’ another chance).

The Dining Companion

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  1. Followup by Dining Companion:
    After chasing this experience for several months at several different places (to disappointing ends), I was surprised to find 'Cajun spice level' boiled shrimp in the parking lot of a grocer chain. They also had Shiner as well. It was a wonderful day indeed