Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Half Shell Oyster House - Gulfport, Mississippi

Lunchtime in Gulfport, Mississippi. What to do, what to do? Eat something right? So we asked the hotel staff for a lunch recommendation. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't, this time we did. The staff directed us to the Half Shell Oyster House. The restaurant is located in an historic building in downtown Gulfport. It was the first location of this small chain.

We sat with our menus and admired the beautiful surroundings. The interior is all hardwood, exposed brick and wrought iron. A big nod to New Orleans.

To start we ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes and Crab Cakes and the Voodoo Shrimp. Both starters were good but the Voodoo Shrimp just edged to the front. Sweet and spicy, fried to a crunch, great flavor.

Voodoo Shrimp
The Fried Green Tomatoes and Crab Cakes had a nice contrast between the crisp fried tomatoes and the tender crab filled cakes. Great flavors that worked really well together.

Fried Green Tomatoes and Crab Cakes
Our entrees followed shortly. We had the Royal Reds (large shrimp) with drawn butter and the Seafood Pot Pie. The large shrimp were, well, really large. These shrimp have a flavor very much like lobster and the drawn butter only reinforced this. So good.
Royal Reds
Then there was the Seafood Pot Pie. It was a mix of seafood in a traditional pot pie filling covered with a buttermilk crust. The picture below won't do it justice. The buttermilk crust is hiding a rich, savory blend of shrimp, crab and crawfish with the standard mix of pot pie veggies. I'd order it again.

Seafood Pot Pie with Parmesan & Garlic Potatoes

Last but not least was the luscious Key Lime Pie we had for dessert. The perfect blend of sweet and tart. One of my all time favorites. 
Key Lime Pie

We really enjoyed our lunch at the Half Shell Oyster House and if we're ever back in Gulfport I have no doubt we'll be back.

Happy dining!

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