Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Providence, Rhode Island

Earlier this summer we spent some time on the East Coast. We visited Newport and spent some time there but we stayed in Providence. Our visit was cut short by some annoying travel delays so we were in the city for less than 48 hours. No matter, we managed to fit a lot of fun into a small amount of time.

Sidewalk dining at Mediterraneo
We got together with family to have dinner at the Mediterraneo Cafe on Federal Hill. Federal Hill, long a gathering place and home to Italian immigrants, is still the place for fabulous Italian restaurants. The area now also boasts a very diversified and lively dining scene made up of many different cultures and cuisines.

The gateway arch over Atwells Ave.- The LaPigna (the pinecone) sculpture hanging from its center is a traditional Italian symbol of abundance and quality and has become the symbol of Federal Hill (not the pineapple, which is what I always call it)

Outdoor dining piazza style

Many of the area restaurants have outdoor dining options. Some are set up around a central courtyard made to mimic a piazza in Italy. A place to meet up with family and friends, grab a nightcap and take an after dinner stroll. 

There are many things to bring visitors to Providence, everything from the nearby beaches, art museums (the RISD museum to name one) to the spectacle that is WaterFire. We've never managed to make our schedule work so that we can get to the WaterFire display. Definitely on our list of things to do next time we're in town. It looks amazing.

Providence has history, interesting architecture, world class dining, shopping, sun and sand; just about anything you might be looking for in a vacation getaway.

Lastly, but not least by any stretch, I want to mention some of my favorite local foods. Be sure to look for these on your visit. Can't leave town without a stop at Del's for some frozen lemonade, no trip to the beach is complete without a stop for stuffies and clam cakes, of course chowder too, snail salad, pizza strips, Italian pastry, and New York System hot weinies. Which have always been from Rhode Island, go figure. All worth seeking out.

There you have it, the many reasons to put Rhode Island and Providence on your must visit list. A little something for everyone. 

Happy travels!

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