Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Perry's Steakhouse & Grille - Clear Lake - Houston, Texas

Perry's Steakhouse & Grille Logo
Image from Perry's website

We headed to Perry's Steakhouse & Grille for dinner Sunday night. Perry's is a nice place with a typical steakhouse feel. The pace of service is good and the servers are attentive without being intrusive.

While I'm sure Perry's has excellent steaks we were there for their triple cut pork chop.

The pork chops are grilled bone-in and are then brought out and carved table side for presentation. Funny, I've had the best pork ever at steakhouses. The best pork chop I've ever had was at Bohanan's in San Antonio, Texas. While the pork chop at Perry's is not quite in that category it is very good in its own right. The meat is grilled to perfection; seared perfectly on the outside to create a flavorful crust and moist on the inside.
Famous Pork Chop
Image from Perry's website

I also had a wedge salad with what I think was a very mild blue cheese dressing and applewood smoked bacon.

Wedge Salad

Last but not least was the dessert sampler that finished the meal. The Dessert Trio includes Vanilla bean crème brulée, a Grand Marnier chocolate truffle, and praline cheesecake. The hands down winner was the Grand Marnier truffle. Dark chocolate and orange, a wonderful combination. A great way to end the evening.

To round everything out we had a lovely bottle of wine. A 2011 Kesseler ‘R’ Riesling from Germany. We love Rieslings in general and this one was very nice. A little toward the dry side for a Riesling but still full of the great fruit flavors we look for in this wine. I'll be looking for it at the local wine shop. If you're a fan of Riesling this one is worth trying.

2011 Kesseler ‘R’ Riesling, Germany

I'm sure one of these days we'll get to Perry's to try the steaks but until then you definitely can't go wrong with the grilled pork. 

Happy dining!

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