Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Savannah, Georgia - Third Time's a Charm

City Market
The Dining Companion and I spent a recent weekend in Savannah. This was our third visit to this charming city and the best one so far. It felt like the welcome mat had been rolled out for us. The weather was just about perfect. The city was alive with crowds of people; some celebrating graduations and weddings and, some like us, just happy being there.

I saw a lot of bicycles over the weekend. It seems a popular way to get around the city

There are a lot of places to get outdoors and enjoy the city
This visit we stayed in the Downtown/Historic District. After our last visit I wanted to stay where we could park the car for the weekend and get around on foot.

We were very near the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Which, sadly, I didn't make time to see but is on my list for a future visit. I did manage to grab a couple of pictures.

What better than to spend a lovely weekend in an equally lovely city? We stayed at a beautiful property, ate good food and truly relaxed. 

If coming to Savannah isn't on your travel list it should be. A beautiful city steeped in history but with a young heart. There's something interesting around every corner. I can tell you that after three visits we've barely made a dent.

Street art
Happy travels!

NOTE: Stay tuned for a great, pet friendly property, a lucky find in a small bar and some really good food.

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