Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Franklin BBQ - Austin, Texas

Every one of the overly effusive (5) star ravers was right. So very right. Franklin BBQ is the pinnacle of BBQ, the very best OVERALL BBQ that we've had.

Sausage, turkey, brisket and a rib

Turkey and brisket

Unless something in Memphis blows that away, I don't see that changing. We've had good ribs before, good brisket, good sausage, good turkey, but Franklin is hands down the overall winner in BBQ across all categories. Great ribs, great sausage, great turkey and great brisket. All done with care and served up with the evidence that shows it.

If you get tired of standing this nice man will rent you a chair

Almost there!
We'll continue to eat other BBQ of course. This was never about finding the best then no longer needing to eat any other barbecue again. I'm glad I got the chance to have the experience. All I can say is that if you really like barbecue and want to taste what may be the best then fly or drive to Austin, Texas, wait in line for however long it takes and enjoy the best barbecue you're likely to ever have.

Inside of Franklin's modest dining room

The best friend of good Texas barbecue
Go there, really, you won't be sorry. Pilgrimage worthy, line-waiting-in worthy, well you get the idea. Just go.

Happy dining!

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