Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Corea Kalbi - Newport Beach, California

The Dining Companion and I have had all kinds of BBQ in many different areas of the country. There was however one type that neither one of us had tried before, Korean BBQ. When we were visiting my SIL she took us to a Korean BBQ restaurant, Corea Kalbi, for lunch.

Table top grill

When we arrived we were shown to a booth that had a small grill in the center. Lunch consists of several different types of meats to grill at the table and lots of different kimchi and veggie accompaniments.

We ended up ordering the rib-eye steaks, thinly sliced brisket, bulgogi, pork belly and spicy pork over the course of our lunch.


The grill attendant/waitress brings out three of your options at a time and loads them on your table top grill. She helped with the slicing and serving of some of the items and also kept the sides coming throughout the meal.

Different sauces for your BBQ, The spicy center sauce was my favorite

Radish wrappers that you use to wrap your grilled meat and veg into a tasty little packet
My SIL explained that the idea is to take a little of your grilled meat, some sauce and kimchi and make a packet out of it using a radish (or in some cases egg roll) wrapper. Then lift the whole thing with your chopsticks and cram it in your face enjoy. So good. The flavors are amazing. I can't imagine how I went so many years and never tried this before. I wonder if there are any Korean BBQ places in Minnesota? On my list of things I need to know.  

Having now had this experience I definitely want to do it again. It was just so much fun and a great way to share a meal. I have to look for a Korean BBQ restaurant in the local area. There surely has to be one somewhere and rest assured if there is one I'm going to find it.

Happy dining!

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