Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The High Life Lounge - Des Moines, Iowa

 The Dining Companion and I made several stops on our recent travels around the Midwest. One of those stops took us to Des Moines, Iowa and The High Life Lounge. Readers of a certain age take a moment to think back to every rec room you ever hung out in as a youth. Got it? If you pictured your friends parent's basement, shag carpeting, beer signs and paneling you're spot on. That is the High Life Lounge in a nutshell.

The High Life Lounge is a throwback to every rec room in 60's and 70's America with a nod to the everyman neighborhood bar. This is a place where it's still possible to get a decent burger and a glass of beer for under ten bucks. Here, the food is as retro as the look. So walk on in, step up to the Formica topped bar, order a cold beer and a Spam sandwich and take a little trip back in time.

Fried Spam and Egg sandwich

Classic BLT

Bacon wrapped, cheese covered Tater Tots
We really enjoyed the High Life Lounge and will definitely make the time to get back there when we're in Des Moines again. If you find yourself in Des Moines looking for some fun that won't break the bank give this place a try. A cold beer and a trip to rec rooms of yesteryear might be just the ticket.

Happy dining!

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