Tuesday, January 6, 2015

To market, to market...Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA

The Pike Place Market's unofficial bronze mascot, Rachel the Pig
No first time visit to Seattle would be complete without a stop at Pike Place Market. We made our way there on an overcast Monday morning. It was fairly quiet and a nice time for a leisurely stroll through the market.


Beautiful fresh produce being set out for display


Yes, please

The had me at BBQ Pork Sticks...Delicious!

Crabs, shrimp, fish and more. The market has it all.

Not only seafood of course...

It would be easy to spend the day taking in all of the sights at Pike Market. There are candy vendors, bakers, fish mongers, artists, all manner of things to see and do.

We wrapped up with a few souvenir purchases and some delicious chocolate cherries from the Chukar Cherries store.

Photo from Chukar Cherries website

After walking through the market we headed over to the original Starbucks store. I wanted to see where it all began. While Dunkin' Donuts will always be my nostalgic favorite, there's a place in my heart for Starbucks as well. Many years ago, whenever my friends mom would visit from Seattle, she would bring us a few bags of Starbucks coffee. None of us knew at the time what a huge sensation it would become.

And with that the Great Road Trip of 2014 comes to an end. Three states and 1100 plus miles. Memories that will last a lifetime. It's not everyday that you can help a friend and cross things off your bucket list. I was lucky enough to do both.

Happy travels!


  1. Love Pike Place! I hope you had a chance to try some Market Spice Tea - It's my favorite!

    1. I'm sorry to say I didn't. I'll look for it on a future visit.
      Thanks for the comment!