Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Round Rock, Texas - Mmmmmm, donuts!

Old school water tower in Round Rock - part of a large WPA project in the 1930's
The Dining Companion and I stayed in Round Rock, Texas during our recent visit to Louie Mueller Barbecue. One of things I wanted to do while we were there was visit Round Rock Donuts.

So, once again, the Dining Companion and I headed out way too early in the morning. I wanted to make sure that we were there for some of the first donuts of the day. 
The line at the drive-thru

There were already people waiting in the parking lot and a line forming at the drive-thru.

A few minutes before the door opened I got in line. Well, not a line really, just me and one other guy. It seems that almost all of the action was happening in the drive-thru line. Fine by me. It gave me a chance to take a look around and decide which donuts to get.


Mmmmm, donuts!
You can't really see it in the pictures but Round Rock Donuts also sells kolaches. I got a couple of those too; sausage and cheese and sausage and jalapeno. For those of you not lucky enough to have had kolaches, they are small savory pastries. These are filled with all kinds of ingredients with sausage, cheese and jalapenos being very popular.

One of Round Rock's claims to fame is their Texas sized glazed donuts...

Picture of Texas sized glazed donut from Round Rock's website

...the other is the famous golden orange color of their donuts. (as seen in the smaller donut above) Once upon a time the color was said to come from the yolks of the very fresh eggs they used. These days it mostly comes from a little color adding cheat. Either way, they sure are pretty.

I got four donuts, two kolaches and a cup of coffee. 

Two kolaches, two glazed donuts, (1) chocolate covered bismark and (1) cherry filled
Hard for donuts not to be good when they're still warm and these were both, warm and good. The kolaches were good too. While I'm not sure that I would make a special trip for the donuts, I wouldn't hesitate to stop back in if I'm in town again.

Happy dining!

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