Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emporio Brazilian Cafe - Houston, Texas

After almost two months spent hanging out at home the Dining Companion and I were finally able to get out a little bit recently. One of the places we visited was a Brazilian restaurant, Emporio Brazilian Cafe.

The restaurant is located in a small shopping center. The interior is nice and there is a full bar.

 That brings me to our other Brazilian favorite, the Caipirinha. A great warm weather drink made with limes, sugar and cachaca. Just delicious and hands down one of my favorite drinks.

I've mentioned before that both of us really like a traditional Brazilian black bean stew called feijoada and we were happy to see it on Emporio's menu.

While we decided on dinner we were served a basket of traditional Brazilian cheese bread. Typical of what you see in many of the Brazilian steakhouses.

 We started off with the Coxinha de Frango. (these are little stuffed croquettes) and a sausage plate that included sauteed onions and olives.

The small dish next to the sausage holds farofa. Farofa is a toasted flour that is flavored and served alongside various dishes, including the feijoada.

One of my favorite parts of the meal was the hot sauce we were served. I never really did find out what is was, but I do intend to. It was spicy, full of heat and had a great flavor.

Another sauce on the table looked a lot like pico de gallo but was actually pickled. Not a sauce I've had before but one I enjoyed.

Finally we got to the main event. The waiter asked if he could show me how feijoada is eaten in Brazil. How could I say no.

So delicious - Feijoada

Around the plate: fried bananas, an orange slice and steamed greens
The lower photo shows the way feijoada is typically eaten. (As explained by our waiter) Any way you eat it, it's fabulous. If you can find it in your area do give it a try. I also learned to make it at home. It's surprisingly simple to do.

The Dining Companion had the stroganoff which while very tasty was not very photogenic. But in the looks or taste contest I'm glad taste won.

While we might not make Emporio Brazilian Cafe a frequent stop I'd definitely go back for the feijoada and that amazing hot sauce.

It was so nice to get out again. I'm glad that most of my recovery is now behind me.Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Happy dining and as always Happy Travels!

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