Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just around the Corner

Not a lot going on in these parts this week. Not that I'm complaining. The hectic pace of the past few months makes me appreciate the quiet for now. We spent some time at our local park. (One of them at least and a favorite) It's a great place to get outside and a fun place for the dog.

It's a lovely setting and we try to get there as often as we can. There's a small dog off leash area and plenty of paths for strolling and benches for sitting in the sun. I feel very fortunate to have this so nearby.

Speaking of nearby, we found a little neighborhood pub recently. I may be in the minority, but one of the things I like in my neighborhood is a local pub. A place I can walk to, enjoy a beer, soak up some of the local ambiance. Well this is that place. A nice find.

What'll ya have?
A quick beer, a trip to the park with the dog and a quiet weekend at home.

Gives me some time to plot out some future travel, a chance to catch up on some reading and to just enjoy the moment. And really, who could ask for more.

Note: One of the places that I've long wanted to visit is New Mexico. For some reason I've just never made it there. It's on my radar for 2014 and hopefully we get the chance. Otherwise I'm not sure what this year holds for travel. Visits to family and maybe a few weekend trips here and there. Time will tell. And you know, wherever I go, you'll read about it here. 
Happy travels!

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