Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zeigler's BBQ & Catering - Acworth, GA

Earlier this year we attended the Pigs and Peaches BBQ Festival in Kennesaw, GA. Besides being a fun summer event, the festival also features a Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned BBQ contest. We spent the evening tasting various barbecue, mostly concentrating on the brisket options that were available. At some point along the way we found ourselves at the Zeigler's BBQ stand. At the time I commented that theirs was the best brisket I've tasted outside of Texas. We made a point to say hello to the pitmaster at the event and let him know that we thought his brisket was really well done.

Having tasted Zeigler's brisket at the event we made plans to visit their local restaurant. We did just that this past weekend.

Zeigler's BBQ & Catering is located in a small strip mall in Acworth, Georgia.

Judging by the size of their dining room, and the amount of food I saw go out the door, it appears that a majority of their business is done as take out. We were one of two tables dining in but there were several folks waiting around for their take out orders.

Orders are placed at the counter and then delivered to your table, typical quick, casual dining set-up.

We knew what we wanted so after a quick glance at the surprisingly vast menu orders were placed. I went with a combo plate choosing brisket, chicken wings and ribs. For sides I decided on baked beans and french fries. My dining companion ordered the brisket plate with potato salad and coleslaw. We got our beverages and sat down to wait for our food.

Before long plates started hitting the table.

Brisket Plate

Brisket and Chicken Wings


Although it's hard to tell from the pictures, the brisket is thickly sliced. It's smokey, with a perfect ratio of fat to lean. Just as good as I remembered from the Pigs and Peaches Festival. Truly some of  the best brisket that I've had anywhere. The big surprise for me was the wings. They were fried crispy, just like I like them, with a very flavorful sauce. I'd definitely get these again when I go back. I found the ribs to be a bit underwhelming, they seemed a bit dry to me. They had great flavor and the dining companion said they were fine. Maybe they just suffered in comparison to brisket and the wings.

Overall Zeigler's was a winner. When I'm in the mood for brisket and a trip to Texas just isn't in the cards you can bet I'll be heading to Zeigler's.

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