Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria - Kennesaw, Georgia

This past weekend we finally got around to checking out Big Pie in the Sky. Big Pie in the Sky is known for their extra large pizza slices and something called the Carnivore Challenge. Any fans of the Travel Channel show Man v Food might have heard of this place.

We headed over for an early dinner. The place was pretty deserted when we arrived but a crowd built up behind us as the evening wore on. I remember the episode of Man v Food when Adam Richman was there for the Carnivore Challenge. Sadly no one appeared to be taking the challenge while we were there.

We wanted to try a wide selection of the items on offer so we ordered three slices and a calzone. I knew the slices were supposed to be huge and they were. Each slice is like a small pizza. Just for perspective I placed a dollar bill along side the slices. A one dollar bill is about 6" long.

The Big Kahuna - Pineapple, Ham, Feta, and Bacon
Supreme - Sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, black olives and mushrooms

The Carnivore
Cheese Calzone
I'm not a big fan of thin crust or New York style  pizza but the crust here had a good crisp and held up nicely to all of the toppings. I didn't try the calzone but my dining companion said it was sadly nothing special. It looked good but that's where the appeal stopped.

I can understand why this place is so popular with the local university crowd. One of these giant slices will only set you back about $6. Not a bad deal.

The pizza at Big Pie in the Sky is good but it strikes me as more of a novelty than anything else. If you're in the mood for a slice of pizza as big as your head this is your place. Stop by, maybe you and a friend can take down The Carnivore.

Happy travels!


  1. While the slices are definitely huge, it's a bummer you weren't more impressed. I guess that's a problem with pizza places; some people love 'em, others are just like *shrug*.

    1. It was good just not great. While the novelty is fun in the end I'd rather have great pizza. Thanks for the comment!