Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fox Brothers BBQ - Atlanta, Georgia

A couple of weeks ago we went to Fox Brothers BBQ for lunch. Fox Brothers is a local Atlanta BBQ joint that serves up Texas style BBQ. Texas style BBQ is all about the beef, brisket primarily and also beef ribs.

Earlier this year a large tree from a neighboring property fell on and destroyed a part of the Fox Brothers dining room. Slowed down but not out, the restaurant was open again in less than 48 hours. In the picture below the white tent now stands where the front part of the restaurant used to be.

There was a line of people waiting to sit outside under the tent so we opted to sit inside where there was no wait. The inside dining area is small and dominated on one side by a good sized bar. It's nice to find a decent BBQ place with a full bar and my favorite Texas beer on tap.

We started with an appetizer called The Lopez, tater tots covered with brisket chili and cheese. Honestly I was all in at tater tots but the addition of the chili and cheese made it that much better.

We ordered a Shiner Bock to go with our tot appetizer and placed our order for lunch. I ordered the Fox Brothers burger, a smoked burger with bacon and pimento cheese with a side of Frito pie. My dining companion had the two meat combo, ribs and brisket with potato salad and coleslaw.   In short order our food arrived. Everything looked good, including my "Frito pie" served in a small chip bag. (For those unfamiliar, Frito pie is basically corn chips covered with chili and cheese and baked into a casserole.) The coleslaw and potato salad were both flavorful.  Unlike most of my experience with smokehouse sides, these were really good. 

Frito Pie served in a chip bag
Having ordered the burger I had to forgo my standard BBQ order of ribs. Lucky for me my dining companion shared his ribs and brisket. The ribs were fall off the bone tender but not mushy. My complaint with brisket is always the same, too dry and too thin. Not here; the brisket was moist with a good amount of fat and not too thinly sliced. A good showing all the way around. 

Brisket and Ribs

Chocolate cake with strawberries and ice cream
We finished up lunch with a huge slab of chocolate cake. All in all our lunch at Fox Brothers BBQ was good with the sides and brisket both better than expected.  If you're ever in the Atlanta area and looking for Texas style BBQ do stop by. Fox Brothers will definitely fit the bill.
A quick note: We had lunch at Figo Pasta this past weekend. Easily one of the best dishes of pasta I've had in a long time. Fresh made pasta, a large variety of sauces at a very reasonable price point. I've paid twice the price or more at higher end Italian restaurants and didn't have pasta this good. Look for a full review with pictures coming soon. 


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    1. In our never ending quest for good BBQ this one was a hit. I was ready to write the Frito pie off as too gimmicky but it turned out to be really good. And tater tots and chili? Yeah, that was awesome.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Yeah! Succulent brisket and ribs, smoked burgers, and those very tempting tater tots topped with chili and cheese would make any guy feel total bliss! I will try the tater totes at home, so I’ll have a new comfort food while watching a baseball game on TV.

    Javier Oniel

    1. What's not to love right? Thanks for the comment!