Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Stanley

We were asked to participate in my nephew's elementary school's Flat Stanley project. The premise of the project is to connect the kids with someone (another class or school or a family member) through the mail. The FS that represents the student you are helping will usually be sent via the mail. Of course, technology being what it is, some kids will now do the project via the Flat Stanley app. Progress. Our nephew lives in Rhode Island so sending him off to Minnesota seemed quite the adventure.

A week or so later we received a packet in the mail from my nephew's teacher. In it was Flat Stanley himself, a diary for recording Flat Stanley's adventures and instructions on returning him when his adventure was through. (As it turned out this was one of two of these projects we participated in, we did one for our niece as well.)

We took Flat Stanley out of the envelope and took him out around town to have his picture taken at various local sites. At some of the locations we picked up a few things to round out FS trip. He got postcards, magnets from the zoo and a few other things.

Once we had all of the pictures, trinkets and diary entires, back Flat Stanley went into his envelope for the return trip home.

He survived the journey back to school and was displayed in class for a parents night visit. According to our nephew Flat Stanley had a great visit in Minnesota and he had fun talking about it to his class. Perfect end to Flat Stanley's adventure.

Have you done a Flat Stanley project with your kids or nieces or nephews? Where did your Flat Stanley visit? Please comment below as I'd love to hear all about it.

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