Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's for lunch?

Looks healthy doesn't it?-Brick Street Cafe Greenville SC
No worries on being too healthy y'all-I had this for dessert!
One of my favorite questions when I travel is where should we eat? Followed by what's for lunch? Or dinner? or breakfast? I love them all.

Brisket sandwich...I wish I knew where I had it!
Ribs and sides-Rack Shack Burnsville MN 

I love trying new places to eat. I regret that there are only 5 meals in a day. Oh, 3 you say? Well yeah but when I'm on vacation I sometimes squeeze in second breakfast and elevensies, you know, like the hobbits? Never mind, let's just say I spend a fair amount of time eating and drinking or thinking about where to eat or drink next.

Barking Crab-Newport Rhode Island

Lobster BLT-Seriously, lobster AND bacon. Come on!

Perfect fish and chips

So nice we had it twice

Very crabby crab cakes
I've had great food in unassuming places and unassuming food in great places. You just never know.

I like to do research about the local food scene of anyplace I visit. Some resources I use are:

1. Food bloggers local to the area I plan to visit
2. Check out restaurants and reviews on a few online sites

And when I'm there:

1. Recommendations from locals
2. Just get out into the city and check things out

Ribs and chicken-Bob's Smoke Stack Ribs Elgin MN

Chicken and Ribs-Cap's Grille Minneapolis MN

I love cheeseburgers. Did I mention that? It may be nearing an obsession.

Bigfoot's Mother in Law-Copper River Grill Greenville SC This thing was HUGE!

My new favorite-Pimento Cheeseburger at the Northgate Soda Shop Greenville SC

Flameburger-Rice Street St. Paul MN
If you're in a very touristy area try to get a bit off of the beaten track if you can. That's where local recommendations can really pay off. Chances are there'll be at least a few local's places where the food is great and the prices are a better than in the main tourist areas.

Not that there's nothing wrong with a tourist oriented restaurant, I've been to plenty of them. I love the coffee and beignets at the Cafe du Monde. But when I'm in NOLA you can find me eating breakfast at the Clover Grill. Located at 900 Bourbon Street, this eclectic place has great breakfasts and burgers and is open 24 hours a day every day. If you're in New Orleans definitely stop by. Like the menu says "Eat well, feel swell"

Cafe du Monde-New Orleans Louisiana

Beignets and Chicory Coffee-Cafe du Monde

I had a really nice meal at The Lady and Sons in Savannah Georgia. There was a low country boil served too. Sadly it never got its photo op. It was pretty much a goner as soon as it hit the table. (It was dark in there and me without a flash. Tres desole.)

Fried Green Tomatoes-The Lady and Sons Savannah GA

Seafood dip and toast-The Lady and Sons Savannah GA

Lattice crusted chicken potpie-The Lady and Sons Savannah GA
Sometimes there's just no choice but to stop. Case in point:

There's aliens. How could we not stop?
Let's just say the food wasn't as interesting as the decor.
While there's no substitute for great food a wonderful place to eat it is nice too.

Half Shell Raw Bar-Historic Seaport Key West FL

Turtle Kraals Restaurant-Historic Seaport Key West FL

Roasted Chicken-Oktoberfest Grounds Munich Germany

Lunch option-Oktoberfest Grounds Munich Germany

Outdoor Cafes-Viktualienmarkt Munich Germany

Outdoor Cafe & stand-up beer tables-Viktualienmarkt Munich Germany

Sidewalk Cafe-Milan Italy
So now my secret is out, I love to eat. Whether you're on vacation or just out and about don't be afraid to branch out. Talk to the people you meet throughout the day. Ask the barista where she loves to have dinner or ask the cab driver where he heads for lunch. You may luck into an otherwise hidden gem.Happy dining!


  1. Was Paula's restaurant worth visiting? I love FGT but I don't know if I want to make her anymore money than she already has ;-)

    1. The Lady & Son's had been on my must do list for a while so I'm glad I was able to get there. The food was good but, there are plenty of places in Savannah where the food is probably better and more authentic. Is it worth a special trip? I'd say no but if you're in the area it's worth a visit. 

      And yeah, PD doesn't need anymore money. I mean jeez the woman is even making money off of her diabetes. 

    2. Yeah. We generally don't eat much when we're in Savannah but I suppose I'll add it to the list just for the FGT for the next time we're there.

    3. The aps were good. You could definitely have a nice lunch just based on those.

  2. Hey, a Coca Cola machine in Italy! (adds Italy to "potential vacations" list)

    1. And Dollywood has Coca Cola too! :) Thanks for the comment!