Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy to be here

Everyone has a happy place right? That one destination that we return to time and time again. For me that place is Key West FL.
Just knowing that I have plans to be there are enough to lower my blood pressure a few points.
There's something about Key West. For all of the time I've spent there I've never been fully able to explain the draw. So much about the appeal is how I feel when I'm there. Calm, relaxed, freed from the day to day routines of life.
The smell of the ocean, the sounds of roosters greeting the sun, the bustle of Duval Street filled with tourists from the big cruise ships, all of these things say "relax you're here" to me.

Take a moment today, visualize YOUR happy place. Where do you find yourself? A beautiful vacation spot, your favorite coffee shop, at home on your own front stoop? No matter where it is, the happiness we feel when we're there is a gift.

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